For an Umpire Accreditation, you must complete

A) the theoretical part online   B) the practical part

Level 1 Accreditation

Level 2.1 Accreditation

Level 2.2 Accreditation

Level 2.2 Accreditation

  • Theoretical 1
  • Practice 1
  • Theoretical 2.1
  • Practice 2
  • Theoretical 2.2
  • Practice 2
  • Theoretical 3
  • Practice 3


theoretical components available on the Moodle e-learning platform

choose one of the 3 accesses according to your situation

only one option is for you
maybe the B option!!!


Already an umpire?

If you ALREADY HAVE module user account, go directly to the platform to log in.

Click here
to access directly
to the umpire module



New umpire... but already a known member?

If you are or have been: player, coach, scorekeeper or volunteer...

you will need to go through the recovery tool to retrieve Spordle ID number because it is necessary to CREATE your MOODLE user account for the Umpire module of the Moodle platform.

Then you go directly to Moodle

Click here
to retrieve your
Québec Baseball ID 



*this 3rd option only if required**

We do not know each other?

You will need to COMPLETE THIS FORM to request a profile creation.

You will need to know:

  • your Baseball Quebec Region
  • your local Association.

Your request will be processed within three or four days. Once approved, you will receive an email with your username.

If you do not know your local association name?
You can verify by using the postal code search tool.

Click here
to access the
the creation form